Thursday, March 1, 2007

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White Enlightenment Broadcasting #1

Part 1 - Download Here

Part 2 - Download Here

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

First show to be recorded Feb. 28th 2007!

The very first White Enlightenment Broadcast show will be recorded and available to listen by February 28th, 2007! Be a part of history! Don't miss this groundbreaking show!

Topics that will be covered:

Colored Corner - Covering TNB, TSB and breaking news exposing all typical behavior of dark skinned individuals.

Immigration Report - The latest on our governments treasonous immigration policies.

With Jews You Lose News - The title says it all. With Jews.......YOU LOSE!

The White Fist - Covering white fighters in the world of boxing, ultimate fighting, and a few choice hockey fights as well as hockey in general.

White Hero Focus - Focusing on one White hero from history with each broadcast.

False Prophets - Bringing out the ugly truth about the Jewish controlled popular culture's icons that the Jew tries in vain to hide from you - First false prophet discussed will be Sigmund Freud.

Jewish Poison - Discussion on Quotes from the Jewish holy book the Talmud. Also exposing negative values promoted by the Jews and their deceitful ways.

WN Youth Focus - Discussion on the trials and tribulations faced by our brave and dedicated WN teenagers.

Fatherland News - News from our beloved European continent

Naming the Jew - Giving applause to those who aren't afraid to name the Jew.

Kosher Kike of the Month - Names, Addresses, fax and phone numbers of the Rabbis who run the Kosher food Tax swindle.